Drink Marathon 2014

    There’s still more than a full day of dancing ahead for those poor souls inside the tent. For those either seeking to vicariously live their suffering, or simply morbidly curious about what happens to a human being after more than a day on their feet, Dance Marathon has a livestream of the event on their website.

    It’s one thing to just watch the livestream, but truly adventurous viewers shouldn’t hesitate to incorporate the video into their standard Friday and Saturday night festivities – namely, drinking themselves silly. Below, North By Northwestern has compiled a drinking game in honor of Northwestern’s biggest charitable event. Sure, 30 straight hours of drinking might kill you. But if thousands of your peers can stay on their feet for that long, there’s nothing saying your liver can’t survive the marathon too.

    Take a drink if

    • You see someone trying to crowd surf
    • You see two people uncomfortably singing the lyrics of a song to each other
    • You see someone fake-crying
    • You hear the words "Team Joseph" 
    • Nobody laughs at a really pathetic attempt at humor by a speaker
    • Dancers are reminded this is Dance Marathon’s 40th year 

    Take two drinks

    • You see one dancer who is way more into it than all the people around them
    • You see someone actually crying 
    • You see someone get caught on camera in the middle of swallowing a Nutrigrain bar whole 
    • More people are actually dancing than just standing on the dancefloor 

    Finish drink

    • Every time a block finishes 
    • Every celebrity video 
    • You see somebody who has stopped crying but is clearly dead on the inside


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