Dance Marathon announces new location for trivia nights

    Dance Marathon's weekly trivia nights will be held at 27 Live from now on, according to DM Public Relations co-chair Ross Gordon. The first one will be held at 8 p.m. this Wednesday at 1012 Church St. 

    Trivia nights, which gave students the opportunity to raise money for their teams, were traditionally held at Buffalo Wild Wings every week. Dance Marathon's weekly event had to find a new home since the popular restaurant is moving from 1741 Maple Ave. to Old Orchard Mall in Skokie.

    "We were very sad to hear about our favorite trivia location, Buffalo Wild Wings – the long-time location, closing this fall," Gordon said. "So we were kind of exploring Evanston for the next best place. We found 27 Live, and we are so incredibly excited about it."

    Gordon said 27 Live offers several new amenities, including more food and drink options, an exclusive section for students attending trivia nights and a projector for them to possibly use for "video trivia or audio-visual trivia."  Trivia nights can also fit more people now, as 27 Live's stage is much larger than that of Buffalo Wild Wings.

    "Previously, with Buffalo Wild Wings, you'd be sharing space with other people who were enjoying a meal at B-dubs, but now we're going to have our own area," Gordon said. 

    Gordon calls trivia nights "one of the best study breaks I experience weekly at this school." This week will be Halloween-themed, and it kicks off a five-week challenge. At the end of five weeks, there will be a monetary prize for the dancer team that overall has the best attendance and outperforms the competition.

    Also, if you only used to attend trivia nights for the wings, never fear because 27 Live has wings on their kids' menu. You're welcome. 


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