Dancers respond to Obama's video

    As dancers finish up the first block, the dancers are still energized off of the video President Barack Obama created for the 2014 Dance Marathon. Students in the crowd and observers alike said they were thankful and shocked by the video. In response to President Barack Obama’s video, what would you like to say back?

    “That was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. It was like the president was speaking to me. It really energized us. That’s when you know it a world cause—you know it’s beyond Northwestern when the president wishes you good luck.”
    Andy Nwaelele, McCormick junior

    “It’s remarkable that the President takes time out of his day to acknowledge Northwestern University. It shows the great things that Northwestern is doing. Even though that someone else said he was the President, I am dealing with it fine.”
    Morton Schapiro, Northwestern President

    “That was insane! We really appreciate the support. It will definitely help us keep going the next 29 hours.”
    Nicole Byron, Communications freshman Nicole Byron

    “It’s time that Duchenne gets national attention and we’re incredibly grateful for Obama for supporting us while we try and change the course of this disease.”
    CEO and founder of Team Joseph, Marissa Penrod

    “I was really hoping he would throw up the ‘Cats claw. I was inspired that he were actually speaking to us, but then I realized that you always do that in your press conferences.”
    Ghikhan Blossfeld-Lau, McCormick sophomore

    “Thanks, that was neat! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. It’s good to know that our dance marathon is making that big of an impact.”
    Luke Miller, Weinberg freshman

    “Thank you for pumping everyone up and giving us some of your time because you’ve obviously got a lot going on. It’s cool you’re giving back to your hometown of Chicago.”
    Alicia Kranjc, McCormick sophomore

    “Woah, the fact that you recognized the job we are doing is so incredible. Next year come!”
    Andrew Linder, Medill sophomore

    “I was shocked. Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time out of your day to say that.”
    Saskia Naegele, Weinberg freshman


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