Dancers share insights from the past seven blocks

    Dance Marathon has been in full swing many a block. With the event entering its final hours, what insight have participants gained from 22 hours of dancing?

    “I have very few dance moves that I like to repeat over and over, I don’t have enough moves to fill in for the time. I always learn how much I can push myself – you’re tired, sore, but then you think about the kids, the family and the positive things and how much you can help.”
    – Rachel Wagner, Medill junior

    “I learned that if I can tell myself to do something, I can do it. If it’s something I really care about, I can push myself do it for the greater cause.”
    – Eliza Palasz, Communication freshman

    “I’ve never pulled an all-nighter before, but if you do it for a good cause, you can push the limit of life. And peer support is really important.”
    – Miranda Zhao, Weinberg sophomore

    “I learned that I can sacrifice your weekend for a good cause. In our busy schedules it’s hard to find time for a good cause. When I’m really tired I think about the kids with cancer and that really keeps me going.”
    – Derek Cheah, McCormick sophomore

    “My legs go before my brain. About 15 hours in, my hamstrings were on fire, but I was still really focused on the children and the community and that helped me continue dancing.”
    – John Roy, McCormick freshman

    “Even in the tired moments, energy is not a limited supply. There’s always more that you can pull from inside you.”
    – Kirk Vaclavik, Communication junior

    “I improved my dancing a lot. My back hurts like hell, I fight through that. DM is fucking awesome.”
    – Konstantin Wachs, Weinberg senior


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