Dancers tell us their lunchtime desires

    We caught up with dancers at their hungriest – just before lunch time. Let's look at some of their cravings 12 hours after we initially asked them.

    “Indian food, because I’m Indian. And because I’ve had too much sweet food already.”
    – Aarohi Shah, Weinberg freshman

    “Chips and guacamole from Chipotle. Guacamole’s good for you, and I also meant to get it before coming here but didn’t have time.” 
    – Michael DeMarco, Communication sophomore

    “A double double with grilled onions, a Neapolitan shake and animal-style fries from In-N-Out because it’s effing amazing and it’s way fresher than any of the food here.”
    – John Taseff, McCormick sophomore

    “Cheese fries, because they’re delicious.”
    – Karlee Nussbaum, Weinberg senior

    “Pizza, a nice slice of pizza, with a tall cool glass of some kind of juice, because I haven’t eaten real food in a while. All I want is comfort food.”
    – Rosalind Mowitt, Weinberg sophomore

    “I want to eat a nap, over easy, because I’m exhausted.”
    – Elliot Glass, Communication senior

    “Guacamole because I want something refreshing, salty, lemony and cold.”
    – Alex Glancy, Weinberg sophomore

    “A burger with everything on it. I’m so hungry. Just want a filling meal.”
    – Gene Yoo, McCormick junior

    “A home-made fruit and protein smoothie, because it’ll be fresh and I’m lacking protein. I need something healthy.”
    – Kelley Schneider, Communication junior

    “A sandwich, with turkey and cheese. It’s easy and nutritional.” 
    – John Secaras, Weinberg sophomore

    “Tart frozen yogurt with mango, yogurt chips and strawberries because I’m obsessed with it and always want to eat it.”
    – Marcel Byrd, Weinberg freshman

    “Frozen lemonade because it’s cool and has sugar. It’s fruity, don’t forget fruity.”
    – Ian Coley, Weinberg junior

    “Vicodin, because I dislocated my shoulder last week.” 
    – Karl Maher, Communication freshman


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