He once said,

    “Time is a thief and also a gift.”

    So what do you do

    When you feel as if time

    Is running ahead of you

    When you feel as though

    You are being outraced

    When you are afraid to

    Savor the moment you live

    Find joy in the little details and

    Smile because of it

    Time is running out all the time


    When I sit down somewhere

    At a quiet café around the corner

    In the waiting room of Mr. K’s office

    At a nail salon facing a building of windows

    I see the ongoing journey of images

    That scatter all over inside my head

    A jumble of words phrases and other visions –

    I prefer not to say

    Swirls of possibilities and

    Fragments of the society within

    Hidden under my mask as its

    Cloak of invisibility


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