Deadpool is a wild ride from start to finish

    I’ll admit I wasn’t as excited to see Deadpool as many of my friends were. The whole concept of a superhero movie that wasn’t a real superhero movie because those are “lame” just sounded pretentious to me. Deadpool as a character seemed like an annoying, foul-mouthed kid trying to be edgy. Granted, everything I knew about Deadpool came from trailers and the film’s obnoxiously good marketing campaign. Yet, his whole persona was like an unfunny Internet troll who unfortunately landed some superpowers.

    All of my assumptions about Deadpool were correct. He is crass, irritating and a little bit gross. However, to my surprise, I ended up loving that about him and the movie. It is an unapologetically crazy movie, and it has you in tears from laughing several times throughout. His constant breaking of the fourth wall immerses you into his twisted world as he’s on a quest for revenge.

    Deadpool has changed my view on Ryan Reynolds. I’ve always thought of Reynolds as the poor man’s Ryan Gosling who also happened to be married to Serena van der Woodsen. As one of the film’s producers, Reynolds was a firm believer in bringing Deadpool to the big screen, and this became a passion project. Reynolds was batshit crazy as Deadpool, and at this point, I don’t think I’ll be able to differentiate between the character and the actor anymore. If you take a peek at Reynolds’ Twitter account, you also find out that he and Deadpool share the same personality. As far as I know, Reynolds doesn’t have mutant powers, but we have no way of actually checking this.

    Without spoiling the whole movie, the plot revolves around Deadpool getting revenge on an enemy who changed his life drastically. He isn’t a superhero, but he isn’t a typical anti-hero either. Deadpool is a crazy dude just hellbent on finding Francis, his arch-enemy. In ridiculous style, the villain’s name is a pansy, traditional one and doesn’t inspire fear unlike Ultron or others.

    The movie’s greatest strength revolves around its unpredictability. Yes, Deadpool follows a trajectory similar to every other superhero origins film. However, Deadpool’s wildly disturbing life, and the supporting characters that feed into his craziness, takes the story into WTF-levels of whack, but in a good way.

    One of the highlights of the film comes when X-Men attempt to recruit Deadpool for the hundredth time. He spends his time dragging the X-Men, Xavier and their “house that blows up every couple of years” through the mud. Deadpool’s willingness to make fun of other superhero movies (even if they are from the same studio) makes it seem like an inside joke with the audience – a genius trick by the writers. I don’t have much experience with comics, but after an experience like Deadpool, I definitely want to check them out.

    Deadpool is a horrible, annoying hero, but that’s the beauty of the character and this movie. You will probably never see another hero like Deadpool, so enjoy him while he’s here. Especially, if you want a sequel, because Deadpool does make you aware of the film’s financial struggles. Why? Because he’s Deadpool and he’s crazy. 


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