Dean of Students says, "Tragedy" at Plex

    A stretcher was rolled out of Foster-Walker Complex into an unmarked police vehicle early Tuesday morning. University officials were on the scene. Photo by Geoff Hill / North by Northwestern.

    A stretcher was removed from Foster-Walker Complex at around three o’clock Tuesday morning. It was brought down from the third floor, West, House One, and put into an unmarked police vehicle.

    Monday night, at around eleven o’clock, residents witnessed a team of police enter the dormitory and cover the third floor. Several cop cars, an ambulance and a fire truck arrived outside. Though the ambulance and fire truck were subsequently driven away, police remained stationed outside of the dormitory for several hours.

    Dean of Students Burgwell Howard was on hand as the stretcher was being wheeled out of the dormitory and into the waiting vehicle.

    “We’ve had a tragedy,” Dean Howard said. “There will be a notice going up tomorrow.”

    A resident of Foster-Walker who asked not to be named said that a student had been reported missing by one of her suite-mates, and had not been seen since Saturday. Campus police, the Community Service Officer and the Senior CA declined to give comment.

    Alan Cubbage, Vice President for University Relations, has said that an official statement will be released “later this morning.”

    More as the story develops. If you have any more information, please email us.


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