Denise Huxtable preggers!

    Lisa Bonet, of The Cosby Show and High Fidelity fame, is seven months pregnant! I know what you’re thinking: isn’t Lisa a little bit…old to be having a baby? Well, she is 41, but the ladies of Hollywood have been known to have children at much more advanced ages. Besides, L-Bo has always been something of a rebel, playing the wild Huxtable, being sent to spin-off A Different World when Cosby couldn’t put up with her shenanigans, running off and marrying Lenny Kravitz (not that a gal can blame her for that one).

    This will be her third child. She already has one fourteen-month-old daughter named Lola with current boyfriend Jason Momoa, and of course, nineteen-year-old Zoe Kravitz with the one and only Lenny. Having always had something of a girl crush on the most Bohemian of the Huxtables, I must extend my warmest congratulations to Ms. Bonet. May her child be as cute as Rudy Huxtable (in the early years, before she got awkward).


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