Designer Doppelgangers: Sunglasses

    As I write this,  snow is falling down, covering cars and students alike. The Texan deep inside of me recognizes the beauty of this white winter wonderland, but most of me is ready for this season and the harsh, awkward quarter that accompanies it to end. Last week, when my hair literally froze on a particularly cold walk to Tech, I dreamt of the day that we can return to the Lakefill with the warm sun beaming on our exposed skin. I am here to remind you that this dream will soon (soon being a rather relative term) be a reality. And to solidify this reminder, I come to you today with doppelgangers of one of my favorite accessories: sunglasses. Not only am I a big believer in retail therapy, but I am also a huge fan of what I am going to term “preemptive shopping” - buying sunglasses and/or bathing suits in the middle of winter in preparation for the upcoming spring and, dare I even say, summer. 


    Who? Fendi
    Where? Nordstrom
    How much? $495.00
    Who? Express
    Where? Express
    How much? $29.90

    I have never been one to use the word “fierce” to describe anything except perhaps a tiger (and even then it better be one fierce-looking tiger), but these Fendi glasses are the exception because they are fierce as hell. While they are fierce, they are not affordable. Somehow, however, I managed to find a pair of sunglasses that are equally as fierce for a much more attractive price. You can thank me later, more specifically, in the spring when the sun is as piercing as the cateye on these fierce (last time I use that word, I swear) shades. 


    Who? Céline
    Where? Nordstrom
    How much? $365.00
    Who? Francesca's
    Where? Francesca's
    How much? $14.00

    They’re peach, they’re Céline, and they cover half of your face: three of my favorite attributes for a pair of sunglasses. My least favorite attribute, however, is a price tag of nearly $400. Luckily, Francesca’s (aka the reason why walking too far down Sherman is dangerous for me and my wallet) carries a pair that has two of those attributes, and as Meat Loaf says, "two out of three ain't bad." 


    Who? Ray-Ban
    Where? Nordstrom
    How much? $170.00
    Who? Forever 21
    Where? Forever 21
    How much? $5.90

    The bold, colorful, reflective lenses are a coveted trend, and Ray-Ban is the go-to for this classic style with a twist. Though their price is considerably more reasonable when compared to other designer shades on the shelves next to the Ray-Bans, these still come with a high cost. Believe it or not, I was more than impressed with Forever 21’s selection of sunglasses. They may not be of the utmost quality, but if you are like me, you will lose them in an embarrassingly short amount of time anyway. Until then, they give you the same look for less than six dollars. 


    Who? Tory Burch
    Where? Sunglass Hut
    How much? $165.00
    Who? Gap
    Where? Gap
    How much? $24.50

    In case the pictures don’t do this pair justice, I just want to take a moment to say these two pairs of sunglasses are virtually identical. Some of my best findings, if I do say so myself. Anyway, the style of these shades is simplistically sleek, but the blue makes them unique. A classic, everyday look for only $25 is more than worth it. Also, I have decided that Gap is quite underrated; it’s climbing up my list of favorite stores rather quickly. 


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