Dillo Day food truck guide

    If the Dillo artists have you feeling a little ‘meh,’ NBN has found the perfect lineup for you. The lineup of Dillo Day food trucks is not to be missed, featuring a wide variety of food sure to suit everyone’s tastes. If you need a break from the main stage, head on over to the south end of the Lakefill, where you’ll be be pleasantly greeted by eight delicious restaurants on wheels – the only things missing are the Fran’s and Lisa’s trucks.

    Best Truck for Drunchies


    Everyone knows Cheesie’s is the ultimate drunk food. Imagine: you suddenly find yourself craving some greasy cheese, and you can have Cheesie’s without the long walk into downtown Evanston – it’s a win/win. This may be your first time ever having Cheesie’s in broad daylight, and it will be 100 percent worth it.

    What to order: The Original is always a safe bet that’s sure to satisfy your greasy cravings, but if drunk you is feeling adventurous, go for the Tenderizer.

    Wild Card Truck


    Ah yes, Tomate, the Noyes Street staple. I bet you’re thinking: I had no idea Tomate had a food truck! We didn’t either, and there is no information about it anywhere on the Internet, so their menu shall be a mystery. What we do know is that Tomate is delicious, serving up yummy tacos and burritos, and some of the best chips and guac in the North Shore. If the food truck is anywhere near as good, it’s bound to please and be a healthy option to refuel you during the day.

    What to order: ????????

    Best Truck for On-the-Go Dining

    Chicago Cupcake

    Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with a cupcake truck, and Chicago Cupcake is no exception. Their cupcakes are a mix of cheesecake and cupcakes, which is very inventive. They're good, nothing to blow your socks off, but very solid cupcakes. Plus, they have mini cupcakes, which are perfect for a little grab-and-go snack if you start craving some sugar.

    What to order: Crème brûlée cupcake, oreo, ANY OF THEIR MINI CUPCAKES!

    Best Bang for Your Buck


    Four words: mini deep dish pizzas. Pizza is sure to be the most filling option, and if you and a friend split a mini pie it’s going to be super cheap. Their truck is hard to miss, as it’s adorned in high quality images of delicious, mouth-watering, cheesy deep dish. A cheese pizza goes for $6.95, and the rest go for $7.95.

    What to order: A simple cheese deep dish pizza, or a salad if you’re feeling healthy.

    Most Adventurous Truck

    Da Lobsta

    Lobster isn’t a common thing to find in Chicago, and usually when you do find it, it’s just not fresh. But Da Lobsta is doing something right with their lobster rolls. They are simple and delicious, and they’ll be sure to transport any New Englander home. A lobster roll might not seem like the most adventurous thing, but for this Midwestern reporter, lobster’s a foreign object.

    What to order: Traditional roll, or a Chicago roll (basically a lobster roll with Chicago style hotdog toppings) to marry two traditions.

    Safest Bet

    Haute and Ready

    Haute and Ready has a wide variety of different sandwiches. If you’re a picky eater who’s looking for something filling, definitely stop here first. Although their sandwiches are a bit expensive, the cheapest one running at around $8, they are so delicious.

    What to order: Their menu changes every day, but hopefully they have the classic chicken pesto or the Sungoat.

    Trendiest Truck

    Little Naansense

    Naansense is a trendy Chicago Indian food restaurant that people absolutely rave over. They’re most famous for their Naanwiches, which are sandwiches jam packed with Indian flavor on Naan bread. It’s described as ‘basically the Chipotle of Indian food’ on Yelp, so what more could you ask for? Although the truck won’t be as customizable as the Chicago storefront, it’s bound to be delicious no matter what.

    What to order: ANY of their naanwiches.

    Best for Breakfast


    I know you’ve seen this car on Sheridan Road on your morning walks, and I know you’ve been dying to try it. Now’s your chance. Their portable breakfast tacos are simple and tasty – nothing to travel miles for, but since they’re just a walk away during Dillo, you might as well give them a go.

    What to order: Their staple is the Machacado, which is filled with eggs and seasoned beef, and they also have delicious buñuelitos, which are basically just fried tortillas with cinnamon sugar.


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