Dillo Day lyrics you need to know

    As I’m sure you all know, Dillo Day is this Saturday, May 21. The five main acts are The Mowgli’s, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, Hayden James, Cashmere Cat and ScHoolBoy Q.  Like most people, you probably haven’t heard of every single artist performing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be cool and cultured! Here are some lyrics to know from the main performers so you can sing your heart out during the show, even though you’ll probably be too drunk to care anyway.

    The Mowgli’s

    This group’s music can most accurately be summed up with two words: good vibes. According to their website, The Mowgli’s wants their music to be more than just music. “I want it to be a positive transformative experience,” said Colin Dieden, one of the group’s seven members. “It’s almost like falling in love.” They sing about positivity, love and happiness, and they’ll leave you with nothing but smiles as you hear the recognizable lyrics:

    Oh, I can't get you off of my mind/ And I think that it's alright/ Cause looking back/ I'm falling in love with you every single night (“Summertime”)

    I'm good, I'm good, I'm good/ Living life just like I should/ Wouldn't change it if I could (“I’m Good”)

    You know that love is strong enough,/ I’ve seen time tell tales about that systematic drug,/ Yeah that heart that beats as one/ It’s collectively/ Unconsciously composed (“San Francisco”)

    Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

    Anderson. Paak is new to the scene with his debut album “O.B.E. Vol.1” dropping in 2012, but he’s already made a splash working with artists such as ScHoolBoy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre. He mixes the genres of R&B, 70‘s Soul, Hip-Hop, EDM, Funk and Rock n’ Roll to create some beautiful lyrics, which he croons in a smooth voice that Pitchfork described as “warm, strained, and conversational, like a Baptist minister or your favorite uncle schooling you”:

    Hey, I never wanna waste your time, my life/ So precious, is yours, is mine/ And look at the time, my God (“Am I Wrong”)

    You may never ever come down/ It took too long to get this high off the ground/ Don't run, just stay awhile (“Come Down”)

    Your mom’s in prison, your father need a new kidney/ You family’s splitting, rivalries between siblings/ If cash ain’t king it's damn sure the incentive/ And good riddance (“The Season/Carry Me”)

    Hayden James

    Hayden James is another newcomer who debuted in 2013 and has already made a name for himself by playing at Coachella. The Australian artist is more of a DJ than a lyricist and has remixed songs by ODESZA, Dillon Francis and SAFIA. While he doesn’t write too many of his own words, you can still scream out this memorable lyric from his hit “Something About You”:

    What about a hit?/ What about a hit of your love (“Something About You”)

    Cashmere Cat

    Cashmere Cat, another DJ, has yet to release his own album but it is set to drop one later this year. In his collaborations, he mixes the sounds of R&B, futuristic hip-hop and bass music with the vocal works of artists such as Usher, Ariana Grande, Kanye West and Kid Ink. According to Pitchfork, Cashmere Cat is so successful as a producer because of his “hugely efficient technical sensibility superseded by a pop playfulness.” Lyrics to catchy songs he’s worked on include:

    Boy, so what's been on your mind?/ For me, it's just you all the time (“Adore” – Ariana Grande)

    Yeah I feel you burning, everything's burning/ Don't fly too high/ Your wings might melt, (“Wolves” – Kanye West)

    Said you ain't gotta say too much/ Hate when you say that I play too much/ When I get too close I'm a touch that subject (“Body Language” – Kid Ink)

    ScHoolBoy Q

    ScHoolBoy Q, a man who said he found his purpose in life in rap music, notes The Notorious B.I.G., Nas and 50 Cent as the biggest influences for his California sound. Pitchfork characterizes his second album, Oxymoron, including one of his more popular songs, “Collard Greens,” as “gruff and goofy in all the right places.” The fast paced and dance-based sounds of his songs are accentuated by the lines of his confident and cocky raps:

    Every time that I wake up, I swear I'm never down/ Even when I'm in my dreams, I'm high off self esteem (“#BETiGOTSUMWEED”)

    It's a party over here/ Shake it for the man of the year/ Uh, man of the year, man of the... bounce (“Man of the Year”)

    Oh, oh, collard greens/ Three degrees low, make it hot for me, drop that (“Collard Greens”)


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