Dillo Day prep: One week away

    In four short days, all of you (all of NU?) will be Dillo-ing like it’s the weekend before reading week. Think: good music, good vibes, good friends, good weather (hopefully), good drinks (maybe, if you’re legal).

    But before we get to all the good things listed in the previous sentence, there’s still four more days - four long days to cram in the rest of that pre-Dillo prep.

    One week away:

    1.Finish up work

    Unfortunately, classes don’t stop just because of Dillo Day. If you’ve got finals, papers or projects due over reading week, plan to clear those out of the way over the next few days – or risk doing them the Sunday after, when you could be too “incapacitated” to do any thinking at all.

    2. Sunshine for Dillo

    As of now, the Dillo forecast looks downright gloomy, but don’t give up hope just yet! Weather patterns can change (and hopefully, they will this weekend) so do whatever you do – pray, send good vibes, wish upon a golden star – to get the weather back on our side.

    3. App-ify your phone

    Sometimes (or so I’ve heard), alcohol has a way of making people do crazy things normally out-of-bounds for sober-minded folk.

    Exhibit A: The Drunk Text

    I have scanned the app store numerous times in search of an easy way to forego the aforementioned mortification that drunk texting/calling can cause, but have come up (mostly) empty-handed. Drunk Lock and Drunk Text Blocker only work for Android and average a measly 3-star rating. For the iPhone, the excitedly named Drunk Dial NO! Block Mistakes! & Chat costs $0.99 and still averages a 2-star rating.

    Based on this, I’ve decided that the best solution is the old-school one: exchange phones with a (trusted) friend who won’t let you drunk-test even if his/her life depended on it, no matter how much you plead.

    Alternatively, leave your phone at home. You might not be able to take all the selfies you want at Dillo, but at least you won’t embarrass yourself, either.

    In terms of safety-related apps, check out Circle of 6 and Blue Light, which both help you contact a network of friends and/or emergency providers with your location. Stay safe at Dillo, everyone!

    4. Get excited

    We’re almost there! This whole year of stressing out is about to culminate in one day of carefree celebration, so if you feel at any time like pressing pause on your pre-Dillo homework-cramming to scream and dance and gush about the upcoming weekend - do it. You deserve it.


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