Dillo Day Prep: Four weeks away

    Procrastination hits hard, especially in these downright tropical springtime temperatures – read: 60 degrees and rainy – but Dillo prep is one thing we can all get behind. On this one glorious day, all Northwestern students come out to play, take #candid #socollege #photos, partake in mild refreshments with moderation and make some great lifelong memories. Or so I’ve been told. I’m a freshman, but I want to do Dillo right.

    So! To make the most out of Dillo Day ’15, I’ve crafted a series of mini checklists, one for each week of May. Pertinent for freshmen, transfers or anyone else who likes obsessive lists. Stay tuned.

    Four weeks away: Think ahead

    “It’s never too early to start planning for your future, especially with something as important as Dillo Day on the line!” – an unverified quote from Northwestern Career Advancement.

    1.Tell friends from home to make other plans.

    Oops, did you “forget” to obsessively refresh the Norris Box Office site at 11:59 p.m. all of last week? Well, if you told all your friends from back home to visit you for Dillo, they’re out of luck. Might be for the best – now you don’t have to take care of them on the big day.

    Do let them down gently, though. Tell them you’ll document the whole thing on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – just so they don’t feel left out while you’re posting super-cute festival photos and having the time of your life.

    2. Work out.

    Hate to say it, but bro tanks don’t fill themselves out. Eat lots of protein, do some bicep curls, practice your selfie-taking skills in flex-mode, all while wearing your bro tank at the gym.

    I’m extremely unqualified to give any kind of gym advice, so here is a hilarious video of Marky Mark for some gym-spiration. Hopefully you can execute all his moves with the same gusto, sans the misogyny and weird sexual tension.

    3.Set www.dilloday.com as your new homepage.

    We know Charli XCX is hitting up Dillo – and now ODESZA, too! – but until Mayfest releases the full line-up, keep yourself posted.

    Plus, the next time you open up Chrome to slog through some research for your ten-page paper, you’ll have a little motivation: May 30, that not-so-far-away day of zero responsibilities, is not too far away.


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