DM 2015: Sex or shower in review

    Throughout Dance Marathon, over 1,000 Northwestern students grappled with the challenges of dancing in an enclosed space for 30 hours. NBN argues that the most difficult of these challenges is whether they'd rather have sex or take a shower. Read below for a highly scientific* analysis of block-by-block sex or shower data.

    From the start, males unanimously preferred having sex to taking a shower. This trend continued for the duration of DM, with more than half of males preferring sex in all but two instances. Females were less enthused by the idea of intercourse, particularly as time wore on (only two brave souls were ready to rumble by Block 10). 

    As expected, there is a clear positive correlation between time elapsed and desire to purge the body of accumulated filth. However, across 10 samples, males never surpassed their female counterparts in their desire for a shower. We may conclude then that males prioritize their carnal desires over hygiene in even the most inhospitable circumstances that Dance Marathon simulates. 

    *there is nothing scientific about this whatsoever


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