DMK Burger and Fish brings gourmet grub to Evanston

If you’ve ever craved a Krabby Patty, there’s finally a place in Evanston where you can get it. It might not be a Spongebob Squarepants original, complete with super secret recipe, but it does include a delicious lump crab cake topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.

The Crabby Patty is one of many original recipes that DMK Burger and Fish offers. The restaurant, which is opening in mid-February at 815 Noyes Street, is actually a fusion of two of DMK’s Chicago Restaurants: Burger Bar and Fish Bar. While the two offer different selections, they share a wall, and co-owner David Morton (the ‘DM’ of DMK) is tearing down that wall for his Evanston restaurant.

“Coming out here, we wanted to basically kind of push them together in a way that we thought would resonate with students, specifically, and kind of the neighborhood to give kind of the best of DMK Burger Bar and Fish Bar,” said Morton, who’s lived in Evanston for 10 years. “There’s a lot of kids from Northwestern and lots of people in Evanston that drive downtown to come to our restaurants and we just like the idea of bringing the action a little closer by.”

The new combo DMK restaurant is not modeled after either of its namesakes, mimicking Evanston’s smaller suburban feel. Most of the light comes from the red neon DMK sign inside the restaurant. The warm red glow, paired with the restaurant’s classic rock soundtrack, creates a low-key relaxed atmosphere where students can come over for a quick bite.

“We just want it to feel young and casual and comfortable,” Morton said.

While the service is quick, though, these are not your typical fast food burgers. Options range from the 8, a beef burger with all of the classic toppings and condiments to the Satchmo Po’Boy, a shrimp and crawfish sandwich with garlic aioli and pickles. Even the sides and drinks are unique; French fries are served with unusual condiments, such as the sea salt and black pepper with spicy house ketchup or cheddar cheese and scallions. Sodas come from lesser-known brands that are not locally distributed.

While a lot of the basic menu stays the same, there is always the possibility of a surprise addition. Sometimes, during the summer, DMK restaurants will serve their own house-made soda.

“You’ll see a menu that evolves all the time,” Morton said.

One of DMK’s signature characteristics is the use of high quality ingredients. All of the beef comes from grass-fed livestock and the fish are wild caught and responsibly farmed. The buns are homemade and even the restaurant itself is sustainable. Morton uses polygal, an environmentally friendly translucent plastic as a divider from the sit-down area and the take-out line.The polygal divider is also used for extra lighting.

“We’re super interested in doing things from an environmentally friendly standpoint,” Morton said.

The environmental friendliness is an added plus, but the food is what will keep students and Evanston residents alike coming back. DMK Burger and Fish will satisfy all crowds, from the food snobs looking for the new best burger to the students looking for a place to chill after midterms to the Spongebob lovers trying to achieve their childhood dreams by finally eating a real Crabby Patty.


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