Documentary about French electronic duo Air now online

    Thank your lucky stars I didn’t go with my original post idea, an exploration of my favorite new pleasure: Pitchfork TV. I was all pumped to post it, but decided against it, since I’ve been told not everyone likes seeing the word “Pitchfork” near any part of this Web site. Understandable (though I’m just celebrating something I dig, dudes), but check out Pitchfork TV, it is pretty sweet.

    Anyway, Pitchfork TV did help shape this post in a major way. French electronic duo Air’s seminal 1998 album Moon Safari gets reissued tomorrow, and the couple is getting some much-deserved analysis, since it is one of the sweetest collections of Parisian electro-music ever. Pitchfork TV is getting in on the Safari madness by featuring Mike Mill’s 2003 documentary about Air — Eating, Sleeping, Waiting and Playing — in its entirety on the site for the next week. It’s a fun watch, and if you have the time to check out all 93 minutes of it, head over to Pitchfork TV and give it a go. You can’t miss the documentary: They feature it right on the main page.

    Also, we celebrate Air by posting one of their coolest music videos.


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