Did Tyra Banks poo herself?

    Let’s call it poetic justice: Tyra Banks allegedly messed herself during New York Fashion Week, The Superficial is reporting. According to blogger Fabian Basabe, Tyra’s posse usurped the backstage suite he was going to use for an interview so the model/talk show host/TV personality/game show host could use the space as a changing room. Basabe prattled:

    “Now I would like to bring to your attention that Tyra’s people carried a change of clothes for her at NYC fashion week. Hmmmh… could it be that Tyra messed herself before? Or just that her entourage is so organized that in case Tyra would ever, maybe, possibly mess herself that one time, they have a change of clothes? I don’t know… but all these thoughts were twirling in my mind when in horror I was watching such an abomination, feeling so alone in the world.”

    Right. Well, accidents happen. But after getting snubbed for Tyra’s new reality show, whose casting crew was at Norris early last week, this writer has become significantly more likely to laugh at her expense.

    But why would a Northwestern student stoop so low as to apply for a reality show on The CW? Well, first, because glimpsing Tyra is the next best thing to glimpsing RuPaul, who this writer sadly missed at the Chicago premiere of her new movie, Starrbooty. Second, getting called fierce by the star of Life Size for successfully fact checking an article does more for one’s ego than a Medill degree ever could.


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