Dog doing exercises

    First off, I have to thank Dan Camponovo for stepping in for me last night. And he did a great job, so big ups to Dan. And now, for tonight’s post, which comes after a day spent in a car for 10 hours.

    And after you’ve been in a car for 10 hours, you start feeling super cramped and you want to move around. Even… gasp!… do exercise. And thanks to some perfect timing… OK, Megan Friedman who sent me these videos… I have seen a video where a dog does squats.

    He gets a human pal in the next vid, and the cuteness gets upped to a new level as a result.

    Great work goes to YouTuber sararingosaki for posting these two videos. And, to cap it off, here is the same dog being lazy and watching TV.

    Kay, time to pass out.


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