Dog of the night: Shiba Inu

    By now, you’ve surely seen the Shiba Inu puppy cam. If you’ve missed this webcam footage of puppies mostly sleeping but occassionally doing stuff, please tell me how you’ve been able to avoid the Internet, I have a lot of work to do.

    Lets turn off the puppy cam for one night, however, and take a little time to gawk at other Shiba Inus on the Internet. Did you know the Shiba Inu’s favorite video game is Guitar Hero? And that Shiba Inus can sniff out Gibson Les Paul guitars?

    Most Shiba Inu clips skip the set-up and just wallow in the cute. Exhibit A.

    Exhibit B.

    Exhibit C.

    And some Shiba Inus show off.

    But, as puppy cam illustrates so well, Shiba Inus are most adorable in a group.


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