Dog used to hold world record, is now a nobody

    Have you seen The Wrestler? If you have, I think the story behind this animal echoes that Mickey Rourke film, sorta kinda. Go along with the text in this YouTube video, and you’ll learn that Danka used to be considered the world’s smallest dog in 2004. I imagine it was a life full of fame, fortune and maybe an appearance on Good Morning America. But the good times just couldn’t last, and the very next year another dog came out of the woodwork to take the smallest puppy crown from Danka.

    At this point, the depressing strums of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Wrestler” would start up and he’d start singing about one-trick ponies (though we’d cleverly omit the “three-legged dog verse,” don’t need too much canine-ness here). Unfortunately, there aren’t many videos of animals frolicking about to BRUCCCCCEEEE’s music. I did find this one montage of a labradoodle set to a kickin’ version of “Born to Run,” though.


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