Dogs doing things they usually don't do

    We expect a lot from dogs — to be man’s best friend, to be adorable, to bark at whatever moving object is within a mile radius of them. But sometimes, dogs do things way beyond our expectations, leaving us without words and making it onto YouTube in 30-second clips. I will bring you some of those moments tonight. This dog decides to walk…another dog. Clearly saved his owner some time.

    These two dogs exhibit some crazy strength (and persistence) by tugging a boat to shore. Look at how pleased they are with their work!

    This dog drives a car…sorta. Hey, it looks pretty cool.

    This puppy does some gardening, though he isn’t the most effective gardener you’re likely to encounter.

    Even though dogs can do all these incredible actions, they still get tired in the end.

    Big ups to Pet Tube for having all of these sweet dog videos.


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