Dogs of war

    Having any trouble choosing what classes you should take for the upcoming quarter? Well, stop comparing Intro to Sociology and Intro to Russian Literature. I got the answer right here.

    A history class.

    Besides the fact there is no easier test to cram for than a history exam, a course looking into the past might help answer some questions about the video below of dogs reenacting World War I. The short film “So Quiet On The Canine Front” was made in 1931 as part of MGM’s nine-film Dogville Comedies series, which combined idiotic humor with dogs wearing human clothes. It clocks in at about nine minutes, but every second of this film is miles more fascinating than anything you’ll hear in class.

    Some questions to ask your history professor regarding this film:
    - How are the American dogs moving so easily in no-man’s land? Or should I say, no-mutts land!
    - Why wasn’t the “irresistible weiner” strategy not adopted earlier in the conflict? How many lives could have been spared via meaty tubes?
    - Why does mortar fire sound like Nerf guns?
    - Who lets a dog fly a bi-plane? Is this why history frowns on Woodrow Wilson?
    - Why is this movie still probably eons better than Beverly Hills Chiauhua?


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