Dogs with footballs

    Three options on how to approach this post:

    1. To New York Giant fans: Congratulations, your team just pulled off the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. I bet you’re feeling good, maybe great. Well…these pics will make you smile even more.

    Image courtesy of dianeham on Flickr under Creative Commons

    2. To New England Patriots Fans: Bet you feel low right now. Sucks, I know. Especially since the Pats were so close to being perfect. Hope this cheers you up a little.

    Picture courtesy of Casey at the Bat on Flickr under Creative Commons

    3. To everyone else: Well, that was a good game, but it’s tough to be happy that one of the most annoying collectives of sports fans just beat the other most annoying collective of sports fans around. This will cheer you up.

    Picture courtesy of Hometown Invasion Tour on Flickr under Creative Commons


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