Dormroom cooking: Donkey’s waffle recipe
    I got tired of eating frogs with Shrek all the time, so I’ve been looking into some simple foods to make on my own. I combined all of my favorite foods together and put them in a Frozen (TM) waffle maker, which caught on fire, then Gingy suggested I add a liquid. Shrek out my quick and easy waffle recipe: 
    2 barrels of sugar
    4 sacks of flowers  
    10 bags of oats
    1 pound of hay
    1 sack of powered sugar
    Some milk
    Get a friend with opposable thumbs to buy an industrial strength waffle maker, take out the industrial strength waffle maker and plug in the industrial strength waffle maker. 
    Combine 1 barrel of sugar, flowers, milk, hay and 5 bags of oats in a trough, use hoof to stir the batter, then pour batter into the industrial strength waffle maker. 
    Go for a 10 minute frolic in the woods with your friend, who has thumbs, and when you return, put the waffles on a plate. Dump the sack of powered sugar on the waffles. Top them with the rest of your oats and sugar and the SPRINKLES, garnish with the daisies you picked during your frolic. 


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