Dorm Room DIY: Fitted boyfriend shirt
    Cute and comfy! Photo by author.

    As a fan of wearing leggings as pants — and well, who isnt? —I strive to wear long shirts that cover my bum when wearing said leggings, so as not to show off too much. But it can be difficult to find shirts that can cover everything to my satisfaction. My solution? Tailoring a large men’s shirt. It’s comfy, adds some artsy charm, and gives you a reason not to return your old boyfriend’s clothes.

    Time: 30 minutes

    Cost: 0-$3 (sewing machine at Artica; cost of shirt may vary)


  • Sewing machine (with pins)
  • Large men’s button-down shirt
  • Steps:
    1. Find a men’s shirt that is oversized when you wear it, Risky Business-style. If you want something more like a dress, find a larger shirt. If there is no boyfriend in your life, cajoling friends or spending a few dollars at Crossroads can easily suffice.

    2. Turn the buttoned shirt inside out and put it on (or put it on inside out and then button it up). Lay the shirt so that the seams align with your shoulders and the bottom of the shirt is the same length in the front as the back.

    3. Embrace your curves! Carefully pin to fit your form. Be careful not to pin yourself (or ask a friend if you’re having trouble). I recommend starting from the armpit then moving out to the edge of the sleeve and rest of the bodice, keeping the front and back sides aligned.

    Also try to make sure that the shirt sides are balanced. You can check by looking at the buttons: they should make a straight line from your nose to the floor.

    4. Sew where you pinned, taking out the pins when you need to.

    5. Cut the new seams closer to the edge if you need. This isn’t necessary, but the folds may be uncomfortable depending on the size of the shirt.

    6. Turn shirt back to normal and wear!

    Option: if the sleeves are obnoxiously long, you can cut the sleeves and create a new hem. You may also roll up the sleeves, with or without the original cuffs.

    Tip: Alter shirt/shirt-dress to your preference. If shirt is not fitting well, you may create darts: when the fitting the shirt inside out, take a section of the loose-fitting part and pin closer to your form, then sew. This will add more curvature and still look good!


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