Dorm Room DIY: T-shirt bag

    This bag is basically a normal canvas bag that you can buy, except it’s made out of old (or new) t-shirts with awesome logos — the possibilities are endless. I used two t-shirts, so that each side could be doubled and a little sturdier.


  • Two t-shirts of the same size that you’d like to see on a bag
  • Another T-shirt for straps (optional)
  • sewing machine
  • Estimated crafting time: < 2 hours



    1. Cut a rectangle that works for both sides out of both shirts — use a canvas bag as a sample if needed. Only two of the sides will be showing, so strategically place the rectangle on the part of the fabric you’d like to show.

      Tip: Try to cut on a flat surface. It makes it easier to cut consistently and in a straight line.

    2. Arrange each side of the future bag (there should be two rectangles for each), so that the parts you want to show on the outside are facing each other.
    3. Pin (front to front) all of the edges except the top to close the bag. Then sew. Be careful when sewing; jersey knits will stretch under the machine.
    4. Clip corners (this is a great trick to get the corners all the way in) and turn inside out.
    5. Hem the top. I recommend pinning first, then sewing.


    1. Straps: I made straps out of another t-shirt, but that isn’t necessary — a sturdy ribbon can be used too. If using a t-shirt (or another fabric), cut into four even strips for two straps.
    2. For each strap, take two strips and place face to face. Pin them together, then sew together on the long sides. Do this for the other one.
    3. Turn the straps inside out. Trick: take a fairly large safety pin and pin it to the end of one of the straps. Roll it inside the strap, adjusting every so often. Do this until it is completely rolled out.
    4. Choose a size for the straps; make sure they’re the same length.
    5. Sew the straps onto the hems of each sides.


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