Dorms of years past: Elder Residential Community

    Elder Hall ushered in 295 men in 1959. The hall was named after Texas oilman and car dealership owner J.H. Elder, who contributed $500,000 towards the $1.25 million complex. The architecture was a combination of wood panelling and glass, with a sunken garden and a glass-enclosed stairwell. In 2010, it was physically joined with 600 Lincoln and 610 Lincoln to accommodate 300 freshmen in total. Residents also got to enjoy an elevator, new lounges, meeting spaces and new carpeting and furnishing as part of the overhaul.

    Fun Fact: J.H. Elder made his monetary contribution to the construction of Elder Hall at the same time his grandchildren enrolled at Northwestern University. Must have been nice to have a grandpa like that.

     Elder’s bedrooms boasted beige draperies and bedspreads in beige, brown and black. March 1972.

    Elder’s dining hall was air-conditioned.

    Natural brick walls and durable upholstery were the order of the day in Elder’s spacious, air-conditioned main lounge.


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