Fashion for everybody: Dressing a pear shape

    I think that everyone should be able to love what they are wearing. I also think the fashion industry — and the body image it promotes — misses out on the wonderful body diversity in our world. So I’ve decided to take this whole “high-fashion” thing into my own hands. Each week, I will ask people of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders what they like about themselves. I will focus on one area of their body that they like the most, and together we will show you some looks that can work if you feel that’s your “body type” as well.

    Say hello to Leah, a senior majoring in anthropology and minoring in Spanish. Leah has been one of my style icons for a while, although her style may not always correspond with the newest Topshop lookbook or Pantone seasonal color. Leah’s interests often merge with her style. She has been seen working the female Indiana Jones look, she can crochet her own scarves and she often wears understated but meaningful jewelry. Her personal connection to her look has always inspired me to find outfits inspired by my personality, not every ridiculous fad that comes along.

    Leah does have one style struggle, though, which she tries to handle gracefully. Leah has a donk. Moreover, she has the sort of donk that Sir Mix-A-Lot and 2 Chainz search for on a regular basis. And with all of that junk in the trunk, finding the appropriate pants, skirts and shorts can be a challenge. In order to circumvent this problem, Leah wears only a select group of denim brands, avoids a-line skirts and tries on “almost too long” shorts. 

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 1: Jeans, Jeans Everywhere
    When asked about her favorite brands of jeans, Leah immediately blurted three decisive, but surprising answers: Delia’s, American Eagle and Levi’s. I was shocked that Delia’s had so much to offer curvy girls, but Leah assured me that they have styles for a variety of body types. So, wear these cute skinnies from Delia’s with a flannel, a Leah-inspired crocheted hat, and you will feel comfortable in your denim. If you add comfortable loafers and understated accessories, you will be ready for a cozy day at the library. 

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 2: “Why did it have to be skirts”
    As I mentioned earlier, Leah tries to avoid a-line skirts, because they often fail to cover her assets. Instead, try a khaki pencil skirt, which will emphasize your curves. If you want to really channel the ultimate anthropology major, add a leather jacket and fedora and this whip ring. If you are not feeling so Jones-y, opt for a scarf and Converse, and congratulations, you are wearing a figure-flattering outfit.

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 3: Spring Awakening 
    Although it has been dreary outside lately, I am optimistic that, eventually, the warmth will return to Evanston. In preparation, it is time to talk about shorts. Leah told me that she has not fully found a brand or style that works for her, but mid-length shorts are necessity for pear-shaped girls. These adorable lace shorts are longer, without looking dowdy, and perfect for the impending spring. Pair them with a classic floral and the brightest accessories around and you will show everyone that you have woken from the winter quarter hibernation.


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