Drink up! A North Woods game and a Rockstar margarita
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    Drink of the week

    By Natalie Southwick

    Sometimes, it seems like the main lesson we’re supposed to take away from our years at Northwestern is the truism, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” This week offered ample opportunities to rub elbows with both the famous and the soon-to-be-famous.

    A&O’s Fall Quarter concert band, OK Go, makes their triumphant return to NU, and this time they’re going to do more than wear those awesome light-up jackets (I still want to know where to get one of those). Their Friday performance at the McCormick Tribune Center will include songs and a discussion of songwriting. Go to learn how to write your own songs, or just to declare your eternal love to Damian Kulash.

    If you prefer your concerts a little louder and closer to home, NU’s very own rock stars, Boomshaka, have their spring show in the McCormick Auditorium this weekend. The show may be called “Restore Chaos,” but considering that it’s Boomshaka, I’m curious if chaos ever left.

    For those among you whose indie-cred forbids them from seeing any band that someone else has heard of, we’ve got something for you, too: Mayfest’s Battle of the Bands pits Northwestern bands against each other for the chance to perform on Dillo Day. Since you probably won’t remember seeing whoever wins when they actually do play on Dillo Day, now is a good time to support your fellow student-musicians. Head to Nevin’s at 9 p.m. on Friday.

    Drinking game of the week

    By Andre Francisco

    After a week off, we are back with a North Woods-inspired game called Moose. The game is a brilliant mix of quarters, kings and the classic seventh-heaven rule that gets you feeling and looking silly in no time.

    1 empty ice tray
    1 quarter
    1 large cup
    Drinks of any variety

    The Game:
    Place the cup in the center of a table and put the ice cube tray vertically (long-ways) in front of it. Have everyone pour a bit of their drink into the center cup. If everyone is drinking PBR, this isn’t so bad. But if you’re a bit more adventurous, use gin and tonic, Mike’s Hard Lemonade or any other mixed drink (warning: results could be nasty).

    The aim of the game is to bounce the quarter off the table and into the ice-cube tray. If your quarter lands on the left side of the tray, it’s your turn to take a drink: the number of sips corresponds to which cube slot the quarter landed in. The closest slot to the thrower means one sip; the farthest means eight. If the quarter lands on the right side of the tray, the number of sips remains the same, but you choose someone else to drink them.

    If you miss the tray entirely, drink one sip. If you make the quarter into the cup, then it’s a race for everyone to put their hands on their head to create “moose antlers”. The last person to grow antlers has to drink the cup’s concoction of alcohol and grossness. Then the cup is refilled with a little bit from everyone’s drink, and the game continues.

    Bonus game: Movie mustache

    This is like those mini-games you find in Grand Theft Auto, but with drinking. If you are watching a movie and want to add some drinking, grab some Scotch tape and a Sharpie. While the tape is still on the roll, draw a bunch of ridiculous mustaches on the tape. Then place the pieces of tape randomly over the TV screen. When an actor’s head lines up correctly with a mustache, everyone takes a shot. The number of mustaches you use will determine how many shots you’ll be taking, so be aware of how many ’staches you add. And when you get too drunk to pay attention to the movie, I recommend relocating the mustaches from the television screen to your friends’ faces.


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