Drinking Game of the Week: Blackout

    CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! Photo by viZZZual.com on Flikr, licensed under Creative Commons.

    Whether you remember it or not, Blackout is a proven favorite.

    You’ll Need:

    • A LOT of beer. Preferably cheap. Preferably cold. Nonetheless, a lot.
    • Two dice


    • The number of beers at the center of the table should equal five times the number of players present plus one. (i.e. Five players require 26 beers.)
    • No beer can be opened until a player needs to drink it.
    • Any beer that is finished is kept in front of the person who finished it as evidence until the game ends.
    • Once a beer is opened by a player, no other person can drink from it, and it must be finished before the player leaves the table.
    • The winner of the game is the one who consumes the most alcohol, as evidenced by the number of empty beers in front of them.

    Game Play:

    Players begin by rolling dice to determine order of play, with the highest number going first. Play then continues to the left. Two dice are rolled by every player in a given turn. The sum of the die determines the number of gulps taken by that player, with the following exceptions:

    Greater than eight: The gulps are shared between the player who rolled it and the next player. Of the numbers showing on the dice, the player who rolled drinks the larger of the two numbers.

    Sum of seven: The player must make a toast before drinking their seven gulps, while all the other players drink one gulp each.

    Double sixes: Arguably the worst roll of the game. All players except the one that rolled it drink gulps equal to half a beer.

    Double fives: The player drinks then immediately takes another turn.

    Double fours: Between the beer of the player and the beer of the next player, you must determine whose beer has more left in it. Whoever has more beer in their can when this occurs must finish it.

    Double threes: The player drinks six gulps now. However, until that player’s turn begins again, he or she must match the gulps of any other player whose roll includes a three or a sum of three.

    Double twos: The player chooses one of the other players. Each of the participants in the duel now rolls a single die. The one with the larger number shown drinks double that number, while the loser drinks the smaller number of gulps.

    Snake eyes: The player must chug one beer. Arguably the best roll of the game.

    At the end of the turn in which the last beer is opened, a “Beerocalypse” occurs. All players must now chug their beers until empty.

    Doubt you’ll make it out of your house.


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