Drinking game of the week: Wisest Wizard

    This week’s game is less a single activity and more a whole theme for Friday night, complete with new names, vocabulary and accessories. The game is called Wisest Wizard, or sometimes Wizard Staff, and it turns drinking into a World of Warcraft-type adventure where you must increase your skills and fight bosses on your quest to get hammered. It’s also one of the most fun games I’ve played in awhile. I will probably stock up on duct tape so I can play it whenever the opportunity arises.

    For the basic rules, and pictures of the game being played, watch the video below.

    Special Rules: Getting another beer should be referred to as “leveling up” and taking a shot is called “fighting a boss.” You’re not getting drunk: You’re “getting wise”. If you have some Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft experience you may want to choose a character class for the night, such as paladin, ranger or fighter. You can also pick your race, such as human or elf.

    It’s also important to take a wizard name and then make people drink when they accidentally call you by your real name. A great way to get your wizard name? Combine your middle name with the street you lived on as a kid. This formula temporarily christened me Weaver Zenith.

    The game also has a little bit of an Edward 40 Hands element: after a couple of levels it becomes difficult to put down your staff without tipping it over. That makes for an interesting experience when you “level out,” or go to the bathroom.

    These are only some of the side rules that were made up while playing the game — part of the fun of the game is inventing your own variations.


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