Dunkin' Donuts in Norris announced, SafeRide improvements discussed at ASG
    Mike Morgan, off-campus senator and Weinberg senior, runs on Dunkin'. Ashley Wood / North by Northwestern.

    The introduction of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Norris and a new SafeRide app were discussed at the ASG meeting Wednesday evening. ASG also elected seven members to its election committee and voted to contribute $200 towards the Body Acceptance Week keynote speaker.

    In an initiative to improve SafeRide services, SafeRide coordinator Bernard Foster discussed the TapRide app, tentatively set to launch in February.

    TapRide allows students to log in with student ID number to drop a pin on their pick-up and drop-off locations and enter the number of passengers, still limited to 3. A push notification will notify users when their ride is on its way. Drivers will provide an estimated arrival time and users can track the ride in real-time, which can notify users with a digital “honk” notification when the driver has arrived. Students without smart phones can always call in for SafeRide.

    Recognizing the current wait time problem, Foster said the app should address wait time and allow SafeRide to make efficiency improvements based on data from the app. In response to a question, Foster and Dr. Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, Assistant Vice President of Student Auxiliary Services, clarified SafeRide does not pick up from bars because of the responsibility associated with drinking, risk management on the ride and Evanston laws distinguishing taxis from services like SafeRide.

    Norris Executive Director Kelly Schaefer requested feedback on Subway and the new Norbucks refresh. ASG members expressed issues with limited dining options around dinner time and long lines, which Schaefer noted. Students should look for the area around Norbucks, such as seating, to continue to improve, according to Schaefer.

    Schaefer also officially announced that Dunkin’ Donuts will be coming to Norris in Spring of 2014. Norris Center posted a video with the message, “It’s true,” recognizing talk about the planned addition to Norris.

    “We’re balancing out the portfolio,” Schaefer said. Students want to walk up, grab a coffee and donut and get out of here, not a more high-end experience as with Intelligentsia coffee, Schaefer explained.

    Because of the contract with Starbucks, the Dunkin’ Donuts will not serve espresso drinks, but will have sandwich service.

    Anna Kottenstette, Vice President of Student Life, updated ASG on a shadowing day when administration and faculty will experience the life of a student. The program will begin with six to seven ASG senators before students.

    The Community Relations committee is working on another housing fair and a day when students shadow government officials, according to committee vice president Kevin Harris.

    Services committee vice president Noah Kane noted work a shuttle tracking app and on a project for Northwestern students to give paid music lessons to Evanston youth. Services is working with the technology committee on a web app design contest for students with a cash prize.

    In public relations, ASG is working to bring back round tables and more face time with administrators, according to committee vice president Julia Watson. The sustainability committee is working on green accreditation, off-campus composting and bike infrastructure improvements, among other projects.

    ASG selected seven members to its election committee: Alec Blumenthal, Harrison Flagler, Kevin Harris, Petros Karahalios, Dana Leinbach, Nikki Romane and Grace Zhang. The election committee remains impartial during ASG campus-wide elections to help regulate the process, enforces election rules and answers candidate questions.

    Korri Hershenhouse was elected to the open spot in the rules committee.

    As part of Counseling and Psychological Services’ Body Acceptance Week, ASG voted to allocate $200 from the Senate Project Pool for the honorarium of Lisa Lee, the keynote speaker. Lee will discuss body image issues and social media activisim, according to legislation authored by ASG President Ani Ajith. ASG voted to reduce bureaucracy and escalate assistant vice presidents to vice president level.

    President Ani Ajith and Vice President Alex Van Atta introduced code changes to be voted on. Mega-Shabbat requested $200 for the cost of renting Allison dining hall for the event.


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