Before I was born, the world was made of water
    Swirling, whirling masses of cool liquid
    That would sweep me in and out
    In and out
    Rocking my unformed self into peace.

    When I was born, the water turned to ice
    Breaking, making crystal chunks
    Of ammunition, slowly boring holes
    In a cold and senseless body.

    Then the morning met the glowing sun
    Fighting, lighting dark terrain
    It flooded the world
    Washing away perforated skin
    Freeing my existence to the gushing flow
    As I heard once again the ripple of the past.

    But I did not know how to control the sun
    And it had no inclination of restraint
    So I watched as heat overtook the swiftest streams
    Turning all to reflect itself.

    Now I am grown
    A million footsteps old
    And my world is made of dust.


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