Ekphrasis poem: "Boots and Jacket"

    Boots and Jacket


       and that feathered V of the boot
       hiding under a ninety-degree angle
    same as the angle the world imposes on lone cowboys
    life burned into sepia-tone layers
    modern-day Marlboro men forced to leather up and traipse about inside of it,
    walking without quite letting the world touch them

    the shadows and the shirt-coverings blur the same color
    western roles bled into each other and into wood-grain memories,
    bar stories loping away,
    nights spent at the race track before betting became such an unlucky habit,
    weighted lorries, evenings before anyone else seemed to mind cigarette smoke
    chest coat pocket hidden smolderings,
    hazed chest coughs wheezed in the evenings at home
    now serving as a reminder to those days.

    lonely homes long-since forgotten to wrangling
    and empty picture frames
    the glass given in to blank space,
    wondering where time goes, how it manages to redefine,
    to undermine this place

    abandoned boots like an abandoned photo
    y’all walking on, treading on frayed edges
        out-blur disgrace


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