America's Next Top Model: Cycle 17, Episode 6 Coco Rocha

    This week of America's Next Top Model was all about cat fights, with all claws out. Following the double save, it's a general consensus that everyone’s a little mad that somebody didn't go home. As the girls are back at the house lounging, Bre explains how she's always a girlfriend for Bianca, making sure she doesn't take someone's lights out. Unfortunately, she wasn't there when Bianca took on Nikki Blonsky's family.

    For the challenge of the week, the girls head to the beach to play some flag football. But since each team is short a few girls, the show brings in some NFL players sucked in for charity and previously eliminated girls, probably bounded by their contracts.

    Angelea once again cannot contain her excitement — in her vagina. When the NFL players come out, she said, "Oh my God I almost passed out. Somebody better put a ring on it." And once again, the girls are faced with an impossible challenge: They are supposed to pose between football plays.

    The girls get quite physical while playing, with Bianca repeatedly tackling Lisa after the ex-alcoholic gets the first touchdown. At the end of the challenge, Kayla takes the win with her dual control of facial expressions and body movements during the photo taking. She heads to an exclusive photohoot where Andre Leon Talley is wearing what appears to be a rice paddy hat.

    At the house, the all stars receive a Tyra Mail telling them that sometimes you have to "claw your way to the top." Will this be a lolcat photoshoot? Sadly, no. The girls are posing with established model Coco Rocha, in a model catfight set.

    Bianca and the crying Christian (Shannon) are paired together. Jay asks if there's "any beef we can use?" I don't know if he was hoping there was drama from the house or he was just looking to get some. The other pairs are Allison and Kayla, Bre and Alexandria, and Dominique and Lisa.

    Once the girls get to judging, Bianca once again wears one of those headbands that make her look like she's out of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie while Dominique looks quite modelesque in some flared brown pants. Dominique impressed the judges with her outfit and performance at the photo shoot, granting her top photo of the week.

    On the chopping block are Bre and Alexandria. Panel critiqued Bre for not being able to rise up to the potential she brought to the competition 12 cycles later while Alexandria looked like a reality contestant that got to do a photo shoot with a real fashion model. Wait isn't that what she is? But in the end, Alexandria was saved and Bre was sent home, never to discover who really stole her granola bars.


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