Gossip Girl: "The Fasting and the Furious"

    Connections are everything on the Upper East Side, and this week’s episode saw many of the characters re-evaluating their relationships and even themselves. While this made for some fascinating character development, it also revealed which characters the writers obviously did not put as much effort into exploring.

    A recap of what happened:

    1. Blair and Louis finally tell their families about their baby, but the announcement is soured when Blair and Princess Sophie disagree about how the baby will be brought up. Louis’s sister, Beatrice, makes things messier by writing fake documents regarding the upbringing of the baby. One requirement forbids Blair from being in New York for more than 48 hours; if she fails to meet any of the requirements, she could risk losing custody of her child. She and Louis confront Princess Sophie and Beatrice, but nothing is changed. Louis, in the end, does something (for once) and takes Blair’s side. Unfortunately, he also finds Blair’s torn-up test results, and calls a psychologist whom Chuck met in the beginning of the episode for help.

    2. Chuck meets Dr. Eliza Barnes, at a dog park and immediately tries to bed her, as expected. He isn’t successful, and Eliza tells him off in the end, saying that he’s never had a proper childhood, and so acts like a child now. Chuck gives in and calls her, asking for forgiveness. This was an especially profound moment, since Chuck finally ditches his image, acknowledges his problems, and seeks help.

    3. Serena is in trouble with her boss after Dan reveals her past in his book. To make up for it, she pretends to forgive Dan in order to get the film rights to his book for her boss. The problem is, due to the success of the book, a lot of other people want film rights too. Though Serena eventually does get the rights, they come at a cost: she had to sabotage Dan’s other deals.

    4. Ivy also has problem at her new workplace under Diana’s iron rule. She has to find gossip for Diana’s NY Spectator site, and fast. She and Nate break into Lily’s safe, which is filled with files from Bart’s previous investigation into his family. She gives the files to Diana, who doesn’t use them, but takes out and burns a photo of one young woman from Bart’s file.

    Most of the characters in this episode run into problems that make them question their ethics and who they truly were. Blair decides to move to Monaco after she realizes all her friends are moving on without her. Serena tells Blair that she was actually jealous of Blair, since the latter was the star of Dan’s book. Chuck has transformed dramatically when Dr. Barnes reveals things about him that even he didn’t know.

    It feels as if the writers don’t know what to do with Nate anymore, though. He stupidly opens Lily’s safe for Ivy and then leaves her with the files. Though it’s understandable that he would trust Ivy since he thinks she’s family, if he really did care for his friends, he would have made sure their secrets were safe.

    On the other hand, this is Gossip Girl. All secrets are bound to come out. That line could sum up Blair and Louis’ relationship perfectly. They’ve worked extremely hard to make their relationship work and to expose all their secrets to each other, but there is something blocking them every time. Louis finding Blair’s paternity test may be the last straw, and for me, it’s a relief. Louis never fit naturally into Blair’s world, as much as she wanted him to. It may be time to finally let go.

    Memorable Quotes

    Blair: “If everyone else is moving on with their lives, then I’m ready to do the same, all the way to Monaco.”

    Chuck: “I’m trying to bed an older woman and she’s being resistant and it’s driving me crazy, which is ironic because she’s a shrink.”

    Louis (to Princess Sophie): “As a future reigning prince, it’s up to my child to acknowledge you.”

    Dr. Barnes (to Chuck): “I wish you all the best, but you’re going to need more than that to live a happy and normal life.”


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