Modern Family: "Open House of Horrors"
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    Halloween is still a week away, but tonight’s installment of Modern Family dove right into the festivities. This week’s episode recycled some of the same topics that were presented in season two’s “Halloween”: trick-or-treating gone wrong, holiday-induced irritability and the importance of having a backup costume. As a counter to the less-than-original episode, this review will not only recap the show but also assign costume ideas to the characters. After all, everyone could use a few extra costume ideas this time of year.

    The Dunphy family has PG-13-ed their Halloween décor this year in reaction to last year’s spectacle gone wrong. This results in Claire dressing up as Little Bo Peep, a frightening sight within itself. Still sore about the lack of spook, Claire capitalizes on Phil’s real estate duties and devises a plan to scare him while he hosts an open house. Luke and Alex are recruited as accomplices. Phil falls for their trick as predicted, shrieking at a decibel level that would have PETA suing for canine abuse.

    Claire’s costume: A boomerang, because nothing can keep her from pulling a Halloween prank.
    Phil’s costume: Either a cat or a chicken, because he has proven to be quite the wimp.
    Alex’s costume: An elephant, because her barely-there character development is a serious elephant in the room for the show.
    Luke’s costume: As is, because blasé devil-beanies are too cute.

    Jay and Gloria are both immersed in their own troubles this week. The former begrudgingly accepts his dwindling stud-power while the latter attempts to control her pregnancy hormones. Nothing novel is introduced. The Delgado-Pritchett subplot continues the same old same old spiel of Jay being anxious about the gender of the baby, Gloria feeling unaccustomed to her changing body and Manny worrying more than he should. Gloria does deliver a golden line to explain her fieriness, though: “I am Columbian. We get excited. My country is covered in coffee.”

    Jay’s costume: His character Al Bundy from Married with Children, because those were the good old days.
    Gloria’s costume: A coffee bean, because it would pay tribute to her heritage, as she says.
    Manny’s costume: A horse mascot, because only he can pull it off.

    Major developments take place for Cameron, Mitchell and Lily this week when Lily explains that she wants to be a princess for Halloween because she thinks her mom is one. Mitchell admits that he may have influenced Lily’s belief during a bedtime story session when he babbled without thinking. Word of warning to parents and princesses: weigh your words and verify your identities. During a Halloween party in which Cameron dresses up as a bull and Mitchell as a matador, the three have a heart-to-heart about their concept of family and all is well.

    Cameron’s costume: A matador, because this is the costume he ordered and would have worn if customer services had complied.
    Mitchell’s costume: A bull, as per Cameron’s wishes.
    Lily’s costume: A clown, because she is starting to develop her own brand of snark.

    Until next week, modern crew.


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