Evanston restaurants, ranked by level of dating

    Are you getting tired of taking your dates to the same old Evanston spots? Sure, Andy’s is great and it will never leave your heart, but as new relationships blossom and old relationships fizzle, it’s time to make some changes in your Evanston eating game. After all, Evanston is the dining capital of the North Shore.  

    First Date: Curt’s Café

    Curt’s Café is a spot that trains at-risk youth to work in the foodservice industry and lead happy healthy lives. You can support a good cause while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a meal (breakfast is served all day). It is fast, easy and delicious. Plus, the café is lively and casual, so if the date goes well, you can make some great conversation over your delicious meal. And if the date goes horribly wrong, you pay before you sit down, eliminating an awkward waiting-period for the check if you want to run.

    New Relationship: DoHó

    You’re still trying to impress your newfound love, so you want to treat them to something nice. Take them to DoHó, a fancy restaurant run out of Northwestern student Donald Ho’s apartment, offering fine dining for only $15 per person. You can enjoy a trendy date without breaking the bank. DoHó's menu changes from week-to-week, so you’ll show your date how spontaneous you are. #Protip: Make a reservation well in advance, since it is run out of an apartment. 

    Dating for a Long Time: Epic Burger

    All the glamour and mystery of the relationship is done. You probably have stopped putting effort into how you look around them. You just want a delicious meal amongst good company. Epic Burger is the place for you. It recently opened, and it’s not too far from campus, so you can eat quickly to get back to Netflix and ACTUALLY chillin’. The hamburgers and milkshakes are fabulous, and you can still do cute date-y things like sharing a milkshake with two straws. 

    The Break-Up Talk: The Brothers K Coffee House

    It’s off the Northwestern-beaten path, allowing you to have a serious conversation without the worry of bumping into people you know. While Brothers K can get busy, it’s mostly a quiet but not too-quiet atmosphere to have that serious talk. It’s also casual enough that you can leave as soon as you need. Not to mention, you can drown your sorrows in their spectacular coffee. Seriously. Top notch.

    #ForeverAlone: Hewn

    Treat-yo-self to a well deserved freshly baked french baguette that’s waaaay better than any significant other could be. Then cry a little into your bread. Then move on. You’ll find that special someone to accompany you on dates you are envisioning one day. Hewn is an artisan bread bakery that hand-makes their bread with organic ingredients each day, so you can feel good about yourself for shopping local and buying organic food while you dive into some deliciousness.


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