Everybody's got one or two (bad habits)

    1.Biting nails

    2.Picking scabs

    3.Not brushing teeth

    Our bad habits are

    The things no one wants to talk about,

    The things we do late at night

    Or in an anonymizing crowd

    Furtively, a little ashamed, looking at

    Our fingers moving or not moving

    Over our under-discussed bodies,

    Wondering when this began.

    There’s always a first time, right?

    4.Going to that party just to black out

    5.Rage-posting just to feel superior

    6.Eating ten cookies after missing two meals just to feel full

    Our bad habits are

    The things we can justify to ourselves,

    The things that block out other things

    Or are our “cheat days,” our

    Once in a week slipups,

    Our venting and stuffing and guzzling.

    It makes us feel better.

    So we just think of them as habits.

    7. Turning in papers late

    8. Faking sick because why bother

    9. Watching BuzzFeed videos in seminar

    Our bad habits are

    The things in the fast lane,

    The things in the fun lane -

    Easy. Little bursts of dopamine

    Careening through our brains,

    Convincing us it’s more exciting, anyway,

    To do things this way.

    Payday is far away.

    And the list just goes on and on (and on and on).

    We get into a comfortable cycle of habit

    Because of all the reasons we croon to ourselves

    And all the dissonance we mute

    And all the ways

    We would rather not change,



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