Ew and Aww.

    I think I may be sick. Don’t get me wrong, it is just precious when guys write songs for their girls (assuming they’re not of the you-bitch-you-ruined-my-life-go-die variety), but I’m afraid sometimes I’d rather certain people keep their misguided “romance” with other certain people to themselves. I’m, of course, talking about sex-tape goddess Paris Hilton and wannabe-punk rocker Benji Madden. Apparently, Mr. Madden cannot keep his joy to himself any longer and his joy has taken the form of a song. The song, which he somehow got permission to record, is called “Shine Your Light” and it’s all about Paris. Let’s hope this is a one time mistake.

    In other less disgusting, more fascinating news, Baby Mama’s Amy Poehler and Arrested Development’s Will Arnett are expecting their first child. When these two work together it produces comic gold; here’s hoping their kid is no exception.


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