In terms of dessert,
    She is his triple mocha frappuccino;
    Her kisses melt in his mouth like expensive Belgian cacao beans
    Or is it Venezuelan?

    She is a dark, exotic fantasy
    With gleaming ebony eyes,
    Like no girl he has ever seen –
    (He is experimenting)

    Ignoring judgment, they revel in fresh desires,
    A world brand new.
    Inky pools of arms and legs fold limpidly into vanilla batter
    But is it overindulgence?

    The heady scent of her sweet caresses begins to
    Cling to him like pungent chains;
    The fragrant tendrils of her embraces start to cloud his thoughts
    (He is rationalizing)

    But he is no god that can punish her for
    Indiscriminately loving the unattainable divine.
    No jealous wife to render the unwitting lover mute.
    Why is he transformed?

    Clytie never looked on Apollo with such adoration
    As she heaps upon him –
    But the intensity of her gaze now sears his skin with a guilty burn;
    (He knows there is no balm)


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