Faceoff: What was your most embarrassing winter accident?
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    “I was walking to school and my face was numb because it was so cold and a bird pooped on my neck. I didn’t feel until a half hour later when I got into school.” – Weinberg freshman Maggie Lamas

    “I was walking up the stairs in Kresge when it was still really slushy. I took a step and almost tripped, and it was really obvious. I took another step and fell, and my hands touched the disgusting stairs and I yelled, ‘DAMN IT!’” – Weinberg sophomore Rebecca Ritger

    “I always wear flip flops because I’m from Georgia. I wore them one time going to the library one day and there was a puddle of ice and I stepped in it and my entire foot was soaked in ice and water. I thought I had frostbite.” – Weinberg freshman Darwish Gani

    “I was doing primal scream last quarter wearing a dress, but my friend pushed me into the snow and shoved snow down my dress.” – Weinberg sophomore Lisa Wang

    “We went ice-skating in Millennium Park and we made this chain and someone got flipped around and we all just clothes lined someone and all fell down.” – Weinberg sophomore Thea Klein-Mayer

    “I didn’t know dorms were closed until Sunday so stayed at Hotel Orrington. I locked myself out of my hotel room… in my boxers.” – Bienen freshman Jesse Grider

    Photos by Annie Chang and Ummul Kathawalla/North by Northwestern.


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