Fashion for Everybody: Even models have struggles

    I think that everyone should be able to love what they are wearing. I also think the fashion industry – and the body image it promotes – misses out on the wonderful body diversity in our world. So I’ve decided to take this whole “high-fashion” thing into my own hands. Each week, I will ask people of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders what they like about themselves. I will focus on one area of their body that they like the most, and together we will show you some looks that can work if you feel that’s your “body type” as well.

    Meet my dear friend Alice Fitting, who is a junior double majoring in economics and French. She has a love of all things French – including their edgy and lavish fashion trends. With a self-described “Victoria’s Secret model” body type, Alice is all about rocking what she has, and she is not afraid to try very on-trend styles just as they are hitting the runways. 

    Alice is about 5-foot 10-inches and thin – exactly the proportions you would expect all fashions to flatter. Yet she often has trouble finding things that don’t over-accentuate her height and naturally long lines. When I asked her about her fashion struggles, she pointed to length and balance. Any taller girl can say that finding long pants can be difficult, but it surprised me when Alice said she often has trouble finding long tops and tall boots. To combat her boot problem, she often sticks with ankle booties and heels, which won’t hit her at an awkward mid-calf point. To keep balance in her outfits, Alice can often be seen rocking flowing tops and scarves.

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 1: Bueller...
    This dress is great because not only is it long enough for tall girls, it also has the belt detail which breaks up the top and bottom. Also, the scarf adds detail on the top, taking focus away from your legs, and bringing it toward your face! Add a cute blazer and some sparkly Sperry’s, and this dress is ready for class, or a day off with Ferris Bueller.

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 2: Going out with Gatsby
    Alice actually just bought this dress, and says that not only is it long enough, but it gives her extra curves and wonderful lines. Similar Art Deco-inspired styles can work for tall girls since they give some detail and break up your torso. This dress works particularly well since the crossing lines put emphasis back on the waist. Add some color-blocked footwear, and you're ready to party with Gatsby.

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 3: I’m a Barbie princess
    And now we’ve come to the plat principal: pants. It is a great time to buy pants for taller girls, since skinny jeans can be worn a little above the ankle and skinnies accentuate whatever curves you have. These great leather look skinnies are no exception, and paired with a boxier top, you can still appear visually balanced. Feel free to channel Barbie, since she would be six feet tall in real life!


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