Fashion For Everybody: Flatter your chest

    I think that everyone should be able to love what they are wearing. I also think the fashion industry — and the body image it promotes — misses out on the wonderful body diversity in our world. So I’ve decided to take this whole “high-fashion” thing into my own hands. Each week, I will ask people of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders what they like about themselves. I will focus on one area of their body that they like the most, and together we will show you some looks that can work if you feel that’s your “body type” as well.

    When I was in high school, I would always pick up one of the multitude of “prom” magazines to see what style would best fit my body shape. I’d see words like “apple,” “pear” and “curvy,” but I could never find the section I truly needed —“boobs.”

    That’s right, I am busty. Or chesty. Or well-endowed. Most people see this as a positive, since boobs are a socially acceptable body part to have in a larger size. In reality, though, it takes some getting used to in order to find things that fit right. I live in a world where dresses never zip, bras are an investment piece and I’m more likely to order jeans online than T-shirts. I am also made painfully aware of my overachieving chest with fairly frequent street harassment.

    Despite these drawbacks, I have found peace as a busty girl. Mostly due to an innate stubbornness, I continually try to push the envelope, refusing turtlenecks and embracing voluptuousness. However, I know many other ladies in my position who are still having a rough time working through the worn-out bras and back problems that come with the well-endowed life. Therefore, I’ve decided to tackle the two hardest things for girls like me to rock: dresses and jackets.

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 1: The Magical Shirtdress 
    I run through a gauntlet of dresses, and I’ve learned two truths. First, if you really want to look like Christina Hendricks in formal wear, find an excellent tailor. More importantly, shirtdresses are amazing. I especially like this shirtdress because it has a bow on top, for those days when you would prefer to not look so va-va-voom. Pair it with some cute tights, a cardigan and some funky accessories and, congratulations, you are wearing a well-fitting dress.

    Photo courtesy of Polyvore

    Outfit 2: Blazers, Blazers Everywhere
    Conjuring up the perfect structured outfit can be difficult when menswear seems to be cut for actual men. I’ve found that going upscale for blazers helps, and finding something in a 2-button cotton stretch can work wonders. When in doubt, buy a blazer that looks cute unbuttoned, but if you can find something like this cute little number from Nordstrom in a size that buttons, you have mastered the art of the jacket.


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