Fashion profile: Weinberg senior Monica Boen

    North by Northwestern: So Monica, you’re a
    senior in Weinberg. What’s your major?

    Weinberg senior Monica Boen

    Monica Boen:
    I study biology and international studies; I’m going to be a doctor. I’d like to open my own firm or work at a clinic. I probably want to move to a coast; California, maybe. I’ll probably have to change my look up a little — less clothing. I’m looking forward to that.

    NBN: You’re looking forward to wearing less clothing?

    MB: Oh, no, just being able to wear shorts and skirts and heels more often. I’m from Chicago, so I’m used to this. You’re kind of limited in your fashion options here.

    NBN: Tell me about your style.

    I guess it changes. When I feel like I want to go out or look good, I like satin and shiny things. I like to wear skinny jeans, boots — but definitely they can’t have heels, because I’m kind of tall, so I can never wear them. On campus, I just like plain black coats and boots, jeans and a nice top. Plus, I love big, wavy hair.

    NBN: Do you follow fashion?

    MB: A lot of times I look at things online. I get Glamour online. I like to look at celebrity pictures in People magazine. You get to see what’s in and not. I guess a lot of times it’s celebrity influence, which is kind of weird. I follow people who look like me, or have the same skin tone. So I guess I like to see what Jessica Alba wears. And I like the Mary Kate and Ashley look, where it’s like very loose and nothing really fits well. But I just like to have fun with clothes.

    NBN: Tell me about what you’re wearing.

    MB: I’m wearing skinny jeans from Urban. Tall boots, which I got in Paris. This shirt is from Express. Jewelry is from Paris. They’re all pretty affordable on a student budget.

    You’re so international.

    MB: That’s right: international, baby.


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