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    If you’re looking for a style that will always make your look hip and trendy, leather is it. Whether you’re walking the streets of Chicago, going out to a black tie event or sitting in class, a leather accessory will make you stand out from the crowd. With its edgy implication, leather can make any outfit go from bland and dated to rocker chic. Check out my top leather must-haves for this season.
    J.Crew Brompton hobo.This bag is a staple in any wardrobe. A camel bag perfectly complements any color scheme and any occasion. It’s a great bag for everyday use, and its gold accents add a little more flair to your look.
    J.Crew Cece studded leather ballet flats. Wear these flats with skinny jeans and a tee when you’re running to the grocery store, but pair them with a skirt or dress to get the perfect date night outfit.
    J.Crew Moto leather tee. With the simplicity of a black tee and a touch of leather, this shirt immediately becomes more unexpected and edgy than the average tee.
    Mugler Skinny Pants. I’ve always wanted a pair of leather pants, but these Kelly green skinnies take it to another level. While the color actually tones down the fierceness of the leather, it also adds the extra pizzazz your simple look will need to be complete.
    Gucci Leather T-Shirt Dress. This is the perfect dress for a more formal dinner, wedding or sorority formal. Its simple white top is perfectly complemented by the bronze, leather bottom.
    Bernardo Cropped Fauz Leather Moto Jacket. Ironically paired with a floral print sundress, this jacket gives another take on a girly look – without breaking too far into your bank account.
    AK Anne Klein Roman Numeral Patent Leather Watch.This red watch acts as a bracelet alone, but adding some silver bangles will spice up your look.
    Juicy Couture Perforated Leather Headband.Headbands are the perfect accessory, especially when your hair won’t cooperate. Adding a little bow instantly makes you look put together and ready to go.
    London has always been the city that houses eccentric brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. So it was no surprise when I found out that Void Of Course is a London-based brand. Founded by Christopher Sutton and Sean-Anthony Moran, Void Of Course is not for the typical fashionista looking for trendy outfits. The combination of Sutton’s theatre performance art and Moran’s exquisite tailoring gives this brand its unique edge that screams dark avant-garde. Its bolder, unconventional look is not one you see every day. 
    Having released their first collection, Romance of Violence, only a bit over a year ago, Void Of Course caught the eye of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Nicola Formichetti. And just this past fall they debuted their latest collection, Impossibility of Love, which was featured in Vogue HOMMES Japan and SHOWstudio. Obviously Sutton and Moran are doing something right.
    The duo works with a lot of leather, featuring pieces ranging from suits and overalls to briefcases, boots and masks. Of course they make leather jackets, but these aren’t your average chic jackets. With studs emerging from every corner, the jacket is intimidating but bold. Just make sure not to hug someone when wearing their jackets. 
    I admire everything in their collections, but the showstopper for me was their masks. The masks are pieces of art, and although they're obviously made of leather, the way they create different shapes leaves me speechless. You can't ignore their intricate details and smoothness. 
    One of the masks resembles a leather skull that’s missing the jaw. Another mask, the Triple Head Mask, is a mold of a face and covers your entire head. With two heads that seem as though they’re emerging from either side, the mask looks like ghosts are trying to break free from the restraint the body has on them. These masks are dark, and the thought of wearing a skull-shaped mask or a claustrophobic mask may seem a bit extreme. However, there’s something intriguing about the rendering of these masks that makes them alluring. They look more like sculptures than accessories. 
    With Void Of Course, expect the unexpected. They aren't for the faint of heart, but keep them on your radar, because they feature breathtaking pieces. 
    Check out Void Of Course here.


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