Fast Five: Feb. 20, 2014

    Each week, NBN Politics recaps the top five news stories from the past week, as well as a look at the week ahead. Welcome to the Fast Five.

    Venezuela protests

    Anti-government demonstrations in Venezuela have left four dead and don’t seem to be calming. The leader of the opposition movement, Leopoldo López, has turned himself in, saying he hoped his arrest would “wake the people up." President Nicolas Maduro issued an arrest warrant for López three days before he turned himself in, charging him with terrorism and murder. The question now is whether Maduro can be taken out of office.

    Jimmy Fallon’s first night on The Tonight Show

    On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon brought The Tonight Show back to New York after more than four decades. The show’s guests included Will Smith and U2, and a variety of other celebrities made quick cameos. Fallon's move also frees up Late Night for Seth Meyers to take over. His first show premieres next Monday. 

    Michael Dunn ruling

    Michael Dunn faces at least 60 years in prison for firing at a car of unarmed teenagers playing loud music, killing one in the process. On Saturday, the jury found Dunn guilty on four out of five counts including three counts of attempted second-degree murder and a count of firing into an occupied car, but did not find him guilty of murder. A juror in the case spoke out in an interview with ABC News, stating it was the issue of self-defense that led the jury into an immediate deadlock. The juror said she wanted a murder conviction yet knew within the first hour the group of jurors would not reach a unanimous decision.

    Ukraine protests intensify

    Clashes in Kiev broke out on Tuesday night and intensified on Thursday, raising the official death toll to at least 67. As anti-government protesters faced advancing riot police officers they made a ring of fire around their encampment on Independence Square, hoping to prolong their protest movement against President Viktor F. Yanukovych. President Yanukovych removed the army chief after the clashes in Kiev. The EU and US have threatened sanctions against the Ukrainian officials, holding them responsible for the violence in Kiev.

    Congressional Budget Office finds mixed results in wage hikes

    A Congressional Budget Office report released Tuesday said that the proposed plan by President Obama and Democrats to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 would cost about 500,000 jobs but raise wages for roughly 16.5 million Americans. The report has given both parties talking points to back up their stances on the proposal. The idea is stalled in Congress and faces poor odds of passing in the Republican-controlled House.

    Next week in the news...

    In the coming week, keep an eye out for developing stories concerning the unrest in Venezuela and Ukraine. The Winter Olympics end this Sunday and the United States trails Norway in the medal standing followed closely behind by Russia. The polar vortex is also forecasted to return to the Midwest in the following days, with temperatures possibly 25 to 35 degrees below normal.


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