Fett but you know it

    While trying to find something profound to write about for Idiot Vox’s maiden voyage, I stumbled across a piece of brilliant news: The new Star Wars television series will feature my favorite character, Boba Fett! (False: My favorite Star Wars character is Max Rebo, but still.)

    Best Season Finale of the Future? [image via freewebs.com]
    [image via freewebs.com]

    Already known about the series is that it will take place between the third and fourth episodes–aka between sucks hard and rocks hard–and be kind of shady. I’m thinking Battlestar Galactica meets The Wire, with a bit of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for that extra twist of, “oh, we should have never done this…”

    Ideally, I would have the star of The Wire play Fett, Dominic West, as he smacks of Mandalore. Unfortunately, he’s way too awesome. Instead, maybe Mark Harmon? My parents really like him, and I cry whenever I see him die in The West Wing. (That’s a spoiler, but only if you suck at life.)

    This announcement gives me a new hope in all movie to television adaptations, and now I eagerly await Lord of the Rings series starring Figwit.

    In other television news, Oprah got her own network, the Golden Globes cried, American Idol crooned, and cable news just picked your next president.

    But c’mon–it’s Boba Fett!


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