Fifteen new ASG senators to represent on-campus students

    Residential hall officials have chosen 15 new senators to represent on-campus students in Associated Student Government.

    Students living in dorms chose from a pool of 40 candidates in an online election Thursday. The Residential College Board and the Residence Hall Association interviewed and selected the senators from among the election winners Sunda. The RCB and RHA are made up of student representatives from dorms.

    Around 825 students cast votes, said ASG spokesman Matt Bellassai, a Medill junior. More than 4000 students live in dorms and were eligible to vote.

    ASG President Claire Lew, in an interview Thursday, said she wanted to make this year’s elections more competitive and higher-profile than past years’ votes have been. She cited elections three years ago, which she said were not well publicized.

    “We’ve made progress since then in terms of publicizing the role and how people can get involved,” the SESP senior said.

    Residence halls

    Bobb-McCullochLindsay Barranco, Communication freshman
    SargentStefan Hyde, McCormick freshman
    Elder and Hinman-LincolnDavid Harris, SESP freshman
    AllisonJichao Xu, Weinberg sophomore
    1835 HinmanBenison Choi, Weinberg freshman
    Foster-WalkerTerrance Scotton, Weinberg sophomore
    Kemper, Goodrich and 584 LincolnHolly Rudd, Bienen sophomore
    GREEN House, Foster House and LindgrenMatthew Sachaj, Weinberg freshman
    Interfaith, SAI and PMAMotoki Mizoguchi, McCormick sophomore
    SMQ, NMQ and RogersElena Westbrook, SESP freshman

    Residential colleges

    Willard, Shepard and PARCNalin Natrajan, Weinberg freshman
    Brandon McNamara, Communication sophomore
    CCI and SlivkaDanny Kim, Weinberg freshman
    ISRC, CRC and JonesAni Ajith, Medill freshman
    CCS, Hobart and ChapinJosephine Lee, SESP freshman


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